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Property Locator


The property locator provides a geographical listing of MFSC sites that are registered with Standards for Success.


This locator can help determine if a property is already registered with SfS or still needs to register.
This website can also help determine who to contact for account changes for registered sites.

Search Your Property - COMING SOON!


Account changes for registered properties:

If the property is registered and an account change is needed, please send the request to the respective entity.

If the site is uses Grant Solutions inForm tool contact the GrantSolutions Help Desk at (866) 577-0771 or

If the site uses AASC Online or FamilyMetrics for the SfS report, contact Pangea Foundation at or 866-615-0982.


Registering a property for the first time:

If the property needs to be set up to report to SfS because it is not on the geographical locator, it can register the following ways. Please note, only MFSC Budget Bases sites need to register. Grant sites are automatically registered.

To register for HUD’s free inForm tool, use the below link:


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Standards for Success Registration Page for Multifamily Housing Budget-based Service Coordinator Sites.


Please note new properties are set up on a monthly basis, so it could take up to 30 days to get login credentials. If you have already registered, but have not yet received your login credentials, please do not re-register. Please contact the GrantSolutions Help Desk at (866) 577-0771 or if it has been over 30 days.


If the property uses the AASC Online or FamilyMetrics Case Management systems, Pangea Foundation will facilitate the register process. Please email or call 866-615-0982.

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