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Welcome to the Standards for Success

Training Website

This website is designed to provide up-to-date training information, frequently asked questions, and support resources for HUD’s new Standard for Success report.


The Standards for Success Report has been a huge success since its implementation in 2016. It is currently being used by the MFSC and ROSS programs. The goal is for one standard report to be sent each year to a central database that allows for on-demand policy analysis and data sharing.

Below is a short video on why this new report is so important to the future of the service coordination industry. 

SfS Reporting Methods

Learn about the options for submitting the HUD SfS Report. There are four solutions available solutions to submit the SfS Report to HUD each year. They include both complimentary reporting tools and integrated case management systems.

MFSC Data Elements

Gathering the resident data elements can seem overwhelming. This link provides helpful tips, examples, and frequently asked questions specific to the MFSC Program to make the process as simple as possible.


Property Locator

Want to know if your property is registered for HUD’s SfS program? This geographical Property Locator makes it easy to find a property and determine if it needs to register, or who to contact to make a change for a registered property.


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